Social Media Marketing

We make you be there, everywhere.

Social media marketing is an indispensable tool for businesses who want to establish their brands and reach out to the maximum. But a very common question people as is that if you are geared for search engine optimization then should you really care about social media ? The two are very closely related – but each is important in its own aspect.

Social media is your channel to reach out – to be discovered. A website requires active action from a user/customer – where they have to literally type your website address to load your website. So for the business it’s a passive form of reaching out. Social media on the other hand is more connected, more real time and active (rather than passive) in its nature. Social media lets people discover new content – like stories, updates, happenings etc. Social media helps build links that in turn support into SEO efforts. A lot of people today will search you first on Facebook and youtube rather than on the main search engine. This itself makes is really crucial for your business to be present at as many social avenues as possible.

At Techma, we understand the power that social media encompasses. We help you leverage this power to build your brand, create trust for your business, and reach out to maximum people – filtered on geography, age, creed, gender, interests etc.

Marketing on social media is extremely economical as compared to traditional channels like newspaper and television advertisements.

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